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Unified Women’s MMA Rankings December, 2017

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The Unified Women’s Pro MMA Rankings are updated at the start of each month and collated by weight class. If a fighter has not competed within 12 months or is under suspension, they are not eligible to be ranked. Fighters that vacate a weight class will no longer be ranked in that division. These rankings are not created by Awakening Fighters, however we fully advocate the use of them. We have now added the ability for us to add rankings to our female fight profiles. In doing so we are excited to join the other media outlets that also endorse these long standing rankings. This ranking system has been considered the official Pro women's MMA rankings for years. We gather this detail from Women's MMA Today. Here is the Unified Women's MMA Rankings December, 2017.

Featherweight (136.1 - 146.0 pounds)

Featherweight contenders:

Olga Rubin

15. Olga Rubin

*Previously number four-ranked Ronda Rousey, number five-ranked Raquel Pennington and number six-ranked Julianna Peña removed due to inactivity.

*Previously number three-ranked Hérica Tibúrcio removed due to inactivity.

Rankings current as of December 5, 2017.

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