Huge website update coming!

Huge Update Coming

To call this update “huge” is an understatement. You know and I know that the website needs to be brought back up to date, and I am mainly talking about the fighter profiles. I am making a whopping fundamental change for the better, and I know you will love it. This update is being progressed in three main stages. At the end of this progression, fighter profiles will be back up to date, and not only that – maintainable!

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Website 4.0, streamlining work-flow

Website 4.0, Streamlining Workflow

Streamlining work-flow on website 4.0 was a must for us this time around. The Awakening database has become a monster to maintain. So we have worked hard to tweak how we deal with the increasingly larger volume of information. The entire Awakening team are delighted with the results, and this will have a knock-on effect for you the visitor!

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Support us on Patreon and help keep us going

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Thanks for reading this article! If you are taking the time out to see what this Patreon thing is all about, then you are no doubt a regular visitor to our website. So we thank you again for that! My name is Rew Mitchell and I’m the owner of Awakening and we have decided to start a Patreon page in the hope that we can continue to exist into the future.

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10K female fighters

Lou Richards

Today is a great day for the Awakening team, spirits are even higher than usual. We’re so happy to have reached 10,000 female fighter profiles! It’s taken us three years and we still have a long way to go. Our small team are dedicated to the cause, we enjoy the researching of info, messaging athletes back and forth, and we appreciate being corrected – right down to the minor details.

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Riders on the storm

Article Thumb Riders On The Storm | Awakening Fighters

Admittedly from the outside it may appear that we haven’t been very active since February. Rest assured, the only area we have been slacking in is with the posting of articles. This we apologize for! So what have we been doing? We’ll break it down in this worts ‘n all article.

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Website 3.1

Article Thumb Website 3 1 | Awakening Fighters

In the recent Riders on the storm article we broke down some of the difficulties we faced over the last three months. Now it’s time for us to share some great Awakening news! Yes, its Website 3.1 and this is a serious update! New Server • Fight Records • Declutter • Event Section.

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Website Update 2.3.2

Awakening Fighters Article

Website Update 2.3.2. As we have mentioned in previous website update articles, we are working behind the scenes on another large project. This project which remains shrouded in mystery is actually taking us much longer than expected, and may actually be another few months unfortunately.

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